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1. Choose your Software Subscription*

$ 20 / mo*


Perfect for small business
5-20 workers. 

Single Account only ^

1 Admin
1 Induction course
Up to 20 Active Users

Optional Extras
Max 20 Self-Registrations 

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$ 40 / mo*


Perfect for medium business
20-50 workers.  

Per Account subscription ^
1 Admin
2 induction courses
Up to 50 Active Users

Optional Extras
Max 2 Admins
Max 100 Self-Registrations        

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$ 100 / mo*


Perfect for larger business
50-200 workers across 
multiple sites.

Multi-accounts and roles
Per Account subscription ^

1 Admin per Account
Unlimited induction courses
Up to 200 Active Users   

Included Add-Ons:
Course Creator
Policies & Procedures
Web Portal
50 Self-Registrations

Optional Extras
Max 5 Sites
Max 5 Admins  
Max 200 Self-Registrations

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500 / mo*


Perfect for larger organisations with multiple sites. 

Multi-sites and roles
Per Account subscription ^

Up to 6 Accounts                 
Up to 10 Admins 
Up to 500 Active Users 

Included Add-Ons: 
Course Creator
Policies & Procedures
Web Portal 
600 Self-Registrations 

Optional Extras
Max 20 Sites
Max 10 Admins  
Max 4000 Self-Registrations

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*Subscription are 12 months annual contract. Pay-per-month also available - add 20% to advertised price. 
^Each legal entity will be considered as a separate account, consolidated under one portal and billed accordingly.
One-off personal or individual induction or course training does not require software subscription.
Organisations without a software subscription will not be able to track and monitor progress.

2. Choose your Add-On Modules**

$ 5 / admin / mo


Employment contract
Digital acceptance


$ 5 / admin / mo

Course Creator

Unlimited courses
Online course editor

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$ 5 / admin / mo

Policies & Procedures

Upload documents
Online sign-off

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$ 5 / admin / mo

Web Portal

One-stop portal for workers
Pages & multimedia library

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/ mo

Self-Registration 10 ^^

Ideal for small events

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$ 20  / mo

Self-Registration 50 ^^

Perfect for events & venues.

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30  / mo

Self-Registration 100 ^^

Perfect for multiple sites

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40  / mo

Self-Registration 200 ^^

Ideal for long-term contracts

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**Add-on modules are not included as part of Starter and Standard but can be added.
Per admin per month are billable if an administrator user require edit and management access for the module.           
^^Self-registration users are not counted towards active users and can not access the onboarding and certain modules.
See further explanation below for a comparison of self-registered users and enrolled users.

3. Add your Content Pack

$ 400

1 Pack

Industry generic course
Can be customised

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$ 1,200

5 Pack

5 x Industry general course or documents
Can be customised

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$ Contact Us

Professional Service

Branding, course layout design, voice overs, animations, translations 

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All price listed is exclusive of GST.
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Enrolled Users vs Self-Registration Users

  Enrolled Users Self-Registration Users
Access Typically an employee or
 team member who is 
part of payroll.
External workers 
e.g. contractors,  volunteers, 
visitors not part of payroll.
Active Users
HR Onboarding
Training Courses
Course Reminders
Expiration Alerts
Policies & Procedures
Web Portal
Contractor Management
  Enrolled Users Self-Registration Users
Account Login Can be managed and set as
 Active or Inactive
Can be marked as 
Archived only
Restrictions Number of users who can
login is based on the 
included active users as part 
of the subscription.

Mark users as inactive to
enrol more.
Number of users that can
complete induction is based
on the number of
Self-Registration user
selected for the subscription.

Archive users to
to induct more.
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